Research Topic Paper

Submit a paper on the topic of your Research Paper. The subject of the research paper shall be a current topic of
your choosing related to the private security field. When submitting your topic, explain why you chose that
topic, be specific. Submission and approval of the topic on time will count for a percentage of the total grade for
your paper.
Remember, you are only identifying the specific topic that you will be writing your research paper on and
why you selected that specific issue. The complete research paper is not due until Unit 7.
The topic paper shall be in APA format, typed in 12 font Times New Roman, and shall not have been turned in
previously to any other instructor for any other course or assignment. Paper length is 1/2-1 pages not to
include the cover page or bibliography. It is to be submitted as a Microsoft Word Document. The research
paper shall be an individual effort and not a group project. Since criminal justice is a social science, the writing
requirements of the American Psychological Association, otherwise known as the APA, will be in effect for the
research paper assignment.

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