psychology unit 3

Please answer the question fully by responding in your own words and give examples to demonstrate your understanding. Responses should utilize detailed facts from the book, as stated in your own words. 

Ch. 7:

1)      Explain Pavlov’s experiment in detail. What have you learned by using classical conditioning?

2)      Give two examples of positive reinforcement and two examples of negative reinforcement.

3)      Give two examples of positive punishment and two examples of negative punishment.

4)      How are classical conditioning and operant conditioning alike/different?

5)      What study did Albert Bandura do? What did he conclude from this study?

Ch 8:

1)      What are the three processes of remembering?

2)      Explain how long-term and short-term memory work. Why is proper short-term memory required for long-term memory?

3)      How does mood impact memory?

Ch 9:

1)      Compare and contrast Gardner’s theory of intelligence with spearman’s theory.

2)      What are some of the obstacles in problem solving?

3)      How is language learned?

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